Go from Dusty | To Dust-Free in a blink!

In just 30 minutes or less, you can upgrade your
classrooms from dusty chalkboards to glossy,
easy-to-erase Everase whiteboards.

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For addressing all of your whiteboard needs, look no further.

It's time for your old classroom chalkboards to go the way of the overhead
projector. If only there was a simple and affordable solution to replacing all of your
old chalkboards with shiny, new whiteboards. Everase is that solution, providing
roll-on whiteboards that are so easy to install, you can do it yourself with no exact measurements required. They can be installed directly over your old chalkboards
or dry-erase boards in 30 minutes or less, and feature an easy-to-erase surface
that won't stain, chip or crack like other inferior whiteboards.

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